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Looking forward to moving to Tenterfield and making it your home? Well, you most definitely must be because who doesn’t love a fresh new beginning? So, the good news is that country removals such as these are AAA’s speciality. We know everything there is to know about Country Removals.

AAA handles over 10,000 satisfied customers a year And the numbers are only growing bigger every year

What is so special about AAA and how are we different?

AAA has been in operation since 2004 and is now successfully able to tend to 3,000 country removals per year! Since we are so passionate about what we do, we continuously improve and update our processes to offer the very best to our customers.

Country moves tend to be harder and far more complex than Interstate moves. AAA has the expertise to know what to expect when executing a move from Sydney to Tenterfield and the best ways to tackle any issues or complications that might arise.

Here’s why you should book AAA for your move to Tenterfield:

All the trucks we own are well kept and reliable. We have them all go through a thorough mechanical inspection at 6-week intervals and get them serviced every 12 weeks. With this, we can keep track of any signs of malfunctioning that may be arising in any of the vehicles and thus, not burden it with the important task of transporting your expensive and precious goods. Even though there are very less chances of the trucks to break down during a journey because of how we closely inspect everything but since we tend to leave no loopholes, we also have a fleet of back up trucks that is available 24 hours a day and 7 days of the week to provide the malfunctioned car with assistance.

Moreover, all our trucks come with a GPS tracking system which ensures further safety and efficiency.

The drivers we have hired are all educated about intricate matters like height and weight restrictions on bridges and roads, respectively. The drivers are also familiar with all the different paths and routes, so they can navigate without difficulty to various country side destinations and even choose the best available paths for a smooth and quick ride.

The dedicated operations department of AAA City Removalist handles all the country and Interstate moves. This ensures that customers get to interact with the employees that are highly experienced and knowledgeable about Country and Interstate Moves.

We understand how most of us are collectors and seem to have a lot of fragile and expensive stuff at home that have cost us quite a bit of a fortune. Moving would mean risking damage to all these luxury items and that tends to scare those of us who have spent their hard-earned money on it. Well, AAA has a team of professionally trained men who specialise in carrying and handling just luxury items. They can pack them up in just the right manner for you and transport them without causing them any kind of harm.

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Reliable, responsive, accommodating and polite. From the ease of receiving a tailored quote, to the friendly manner and hard work on the day of the moving, the service was consistently outstanding I could not ask for more and always recommend AAA City Removals. Thank you for everything! and making our move hassle and stress free."

- Sarah Orange County


    • Mighty Hercules
      • Was: $110
      • Now
      • $77.50 / half hr ex GST
    • Mighty Hercules 1-2 Bedrooms
    • Mighty Hercules 2 Men
    • Mighty Hercules TRUCK 25 - 30 M3
    • Incredible Hulk
      • Was: $120
      • Now
      • $80 / half hr ex GST
    • Incredible Hulk 2.5-3 Bedrooms
    • Incredible Hulk 2 Men
    • Incredible Hulk TRUCK 40 - 45 M3
    • Most Popular
      King Kong
      • Was: $130
      • Now
      • $85 / half hr ex GST
    • King Kong 4-5 Bedrooms
    • King Kong 2 Men
    • King Kong TRUCK 50 - 65 M3
    • Super King Kong
      • Was: $145
      • Now
      • $110 / half hr ex GST
    • Super King Kong 4-5 Bedrooms
    • Super King Kong 3 Men
    • Super King Kong TRUCK 50 - 65 M3


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